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Last NLP workshops:

Ramallah Palestine (April - Mai 2023) Basiccourse in NLP 'your unknown powers' for all Arab speaking people.

Look at the facebook page of Ask Hekmat

Bethlehem Palestine Arab Educational Institute (April - Mai 2023) Improve your speaking and listening together

Israël, Nes Amim, (April 2015) Peaceful Communication

download the powerpoints for free.

Download the first part of the Arab handbook for the NLP-basicourse in Arabic

Participants in the NLP-course in Ramalah march 2019


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Non-Violence Communication workshop for Serbia 18-06-2020

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  What do I want in my life?


  Be inspired by Nelson Mandela

 NLP, NLP-Zwolle,

mmeren, co-counselen, co-counselling, Dror, NLP, NL

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Workshops (real life and online) for:

Ramallah, Gaza,

Sombor, Serbia (click here)

NLP workshop in Gabon, West Africa

NLP workshop in Gaza, Palestine

NLP workshop on non-violent communication in Ramallah in the youth prison

In this courses you learn not only NLP but also NVC and SFW

NLP = Neuro Linguïstisch Programming

NVC = Non Violent Communication

SFW = Solution Focused Work

we work also with: Cocounseling

and AVP (alternatives to violence program)