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Gaza, Palestine, NLP Follow-up Course Succes

"Achieve more success with your unlimited powers "

Follow-up course in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) from 29-3 to 2-4 2014 in Gaza
By Drs. Sytse Tjallingii, international certified NLP-trainer and Drs. Marlies Tjallingii Master NLP-Practitioner

NLP-Follow-up course level 4
Good that you participated in this NLP follow-up course!

As you have experienced in all our NLP-courses, once again you got on one hand explanation of instructional models and on the other hand understanding how processes are working. There was plenty of space to experiment with these models and techniques to discover how useful they are to you. In the "open frames' you could again choose the topics and situations you wanted to work on in your personal or professional life in a safe environment.
What we did in this advanced course included renewing and going deeper into the following topics from the basic course:
What makes NLP so successful to you?
What values do you want to achieve more in your life?
Which goals do you want to reach in your life after this course?
What to do with fear, anger, feelings of hopelessness?
How to make easier rapport giving yourself and others a good feeling, being connected with your heart?
What presuppositions of NLP are working very well in your life? Which ones can you integrate still more?
Which internal representations offer you the most support to realize what you really care about in your life?
What words can you choose the best to motivate yourself and others?

New techniques that are trained in this course:
How can you make rapport easier by recognizing eye patterns ?
How does recognizing the 'lead system' of someone help in your communication?
What new perspectives do you get to the 'dead end street' by aknowledge the other and asking for the positive intention?
How can you apply solution focused techniques, like coping questions and the miracle question, in your work and personal life? Which new perspectives result from working with the scale questions? What are coping questions and how can they help you?
How do you use NLP techniques and non-violent communication in conflict situations?

You practiced with your own everyday life examples in a safe, intimate and relaxed environment. Your continuing personal growth is again central in the course. The handbook contains a wide range of exercises, techniques and theory.

The course consisted of 30 hours of training. Some of you did one or two advanced courses. After 120 hours of training you are preparing to join the examination day for a NLP Practitioner certificate, which is internationally recognized. This certificate meets the requirements as indicated by the American Board of NLP. See: http://www.abh-abnlp.com/nlp_practitioner_level.htm

We would be very pleased to support you in making a success of this course!
Marlies and Sytse Tjallingii

Sytse Tjallingii 003138-4608461, 0031640030923, e-mail: e-mail: sytsemarlies@home.nl Sytse is internationally certified NLP trainer and has extensive experience in NLP training.

Marlies Tjallingii 003138-4608461, 0031623869715, email: marliestjallingii@home.nl.e-mail:. Marlies is NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer AVP, Co-counsel teacher and mediator and has a lot of experience with giving NLP courses and Nonviolent Communication workshops.

Dates and times in Gaza April 2014 were:
From Saturday March 29 to April 2

Thursday April 3 Support for the theory and Saturday April 5 Practical part for the NLP Practitioner Examination day

(The courses are subsidized by the Dutch, Nowegian and German Quakers and many friends and relatives, which makes it possible to keep the fees low.)


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