"Your unknown powers"



Drs. S.T.Tjallingii, NLP, Fear, Anger, Respect, Neuro Lingu´stisch Programming, co-counselling, cocounseling, NLP, sense, selftrust Sytse, Marlies Tjallingii, Conflict, Non-Violent Communication, Quakers, University Windesheim

Workshops and Courses

We facilitated workshops and courses in different parts of the world: Canada, USA, Brazil, Peru, Gabon, Palestine (West Bank and Gaza), Israel, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, England, Scotland, Ireland and the Netherlands. We were teaching and training for nearly ten years in Mozambique and twenty-five years in the Netherlands.

We are working mostly with non-government organizations for free or with business groups . Our working languages are: Dutch, English, German and Portuguese.

The subjects of our workshops and courses are:


Life touching values:


improving relations

powerful survive corona with NLP

from fear to courage

creating choices



me and my mission

conflict handling

non-violent communication

making connections

  • Communication Skills
  • Solution Focused work
  • Non Violent Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Learning processes
  • Rapport, intense human connection
  • Reframing
  • Three observational positions
  • Motivating people
  • Reducing fear
  • Introducing Neuro Linguistic Communication
  • Feedback
  • Getting older, getting wiser
  • From fear to courage
  • Selftrust and trust in others
  • Me and my mission
  • Mental power training
  • Reducing violence in community
  • Working in a youth prison
  • Anchoring, direct access to your resources
  • Mission Building
  • Growing together of two religious communities
  • Modeling Nelson Mandela
  • Cleaning bad memories
  • Intercultural communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Listening skills

Do you get the courage to jump in 'I empower' to go for your success in your life?


Follow-up workshop in Ramallah, Palestine

More conscious about how you create succes in your life!


Basic Course In Gabon, Africa, for more details: klick here

Anchoring in a basic NLP course with the staff of a psychiatric hospital in Osijek, Croatia

Workshop Non-Violent Communication in Sombor, Serbia