Je ongekende vermogens: je kunt meer dan je denkt!

Getting older with NLP

(Re) discovering your power in:

  • your increasing wisdom, in focusing on the value of sharing love and suffering.
  • in focusing on the most important things in life.
  • giving attention and listening to people.

For this, the anchoring of your sources is a very good NLP technique.

What are your sources?


  • joy.
  • succes
  • happyness

  • satisfaction
  • trust
  • satisfaction
  • wisdom
  • love
  • powerful
  • happyness

  • humor
  • trust

How does Anchoring work?
For example with the 'circle of excellence'. You make a connection between a source and an anchor. In the course 'Your unprecedented abilities' you can learn how that goes.





    How do I feel more powerful when getting older?

Did you ever think of less pleasant things when you know that it would be better to let it go?

Do you ever feel less cheerful because of someone else's behavior, knowing that you can not change him / her?

What is your first thought when you have to get used to a new mobile phone again?

Would you like to feel the power of aging even more?

How can you use NLP to become vital senior?

Research of how happy people of different ages feel is striking that young and old people are happiest. From this research, older people indicate that they are even happier than young people!

In the NLP workshop "The power of aging" for seniors, there are many people who talk about their life experiences, which are sometimes very sad, but still they felt the power that enriched their lives.

NLP can help with this.

The three life questions (of Anthony Robbins):

1 At what do you focus?

Do you pay particular attention to what you can no longer do so well?
Do you pay attention to what you can do well? Like listening, giving attention, encoraging, ...............

2 Which meaning do you give it?

For example:
What are your thoughts?
If I have to walk with a rollator,

then they will think:"He/She is very old!"


then I can move more to visit friends, to live still independent, ........


3 What are you going to do?

Do you stay sitting in your chair watching TV if it is less easy to move?

Or .................

Are you going with your rollator to the fitness?